Dear all,

Yet another new year is here.. We begin the year with hopes and dreams of getting better in life. There’s excitement, there’s anticipation for the days ahead. We want to do all that we couldn’t in the past year, particularly with a tumultuous 2020 left behind.

We keep a lot of goals in mind, wishing to make them come true by the time the year ends. And rightly so. Moving ahead and living a life we dream of is beautiful.

Go ahead, grow ahead. But don’t miss out on what matters most to you: Your wellbeing and peace of mind. What doesn’t make you feel good from within is simply not what you want to hold in your life.

Don’t be afraid to say no. Don’t be afraid to say yes. Trust your gut instincts.

Set grand goals for yourself. Strive towards making them come true. But also remember to be kind to yourself. Do not push yourself to the extent of burning out. Goals are meant to bring us closer to what we have imagined for ourself. Let them be just that. You give direction to your goals, not the other way around.

More than accomplishments, YOU matter. No matter what situations you face, remember to breathe.
Feeling overwhelmed? Breathe. Feeling ecstatic? Breathe.

Talk to yourself the way you would talk to someone whom you love dearly. More often than not, we tend to be rude and harsh towards ourselves. Don’t be.

Be your own best friend. Step back and watch how your life transforms once you start giving yourself the love and respect you should have given way before.

It’s often the basic essentials that we miss out on. Observe yourself as you are reading this.. Stop right now. Breathe.

This year, rather than choosing to add more, decide on eliminating what doesn’t add value to your life. Declutter your life. Be ruthless, be brave. Spare no opportunity to get rid of anything that doesn’t make you feel good from within.

Take the leap, but always remember one thing.. to breathe.

The Soulful Nib

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