Sounds of Home (A Poem)

The door creaking open,
The shuffle of feet moving about,
The sweet chime of mother’s glass bangles,
As she tirelessly works in the kitchen.
The faint sounds of morning shlokas,
Emanating positive vibes all around the house
As the family begins another day.
The sizzling of the oil in the pan,
And crackling of a crisp and brown Dosa
Reminding me that it’s time for breakfast.
The heavy and sure steps of father,
As he walks around the house.
The giggles and laughter,
On my brother saying something funny,
And on pulling pranks on each other.
The soft whirring of the ceiling fan,
As it provides gentle air
And a much-needed relief from the blazing heat.
The sweet chirping of the birds
That alight in our garden each morning,
Bringing cheer and joy on our faces.
These sounds that come from all around the house,
These sounds that make a house a home,
Home-my safe haven, my ultimate comfort.

Image source: Stock Images

Image created via Canva

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