How I Organise My Life

Hello everyone!

During the lockdown phase last year, I was getting extremely agitated and frustrated. We could not step out of our homes and meet our friends, or even go for a short walk. I began feeling very restless and started finding ways to turn this feeling around.

As I was bingeing on YouTube videos, I came across a video about this new app that is making big news in the field of productivity and organisation. I sat up straight. Finally there was something of my interest!

Before I go further into this blog post, a short and quick fact about me. I’m a big-time productivity and organisation geek. I find pleasure in keeping everything in order and I’m a firm believer that half of our issues with a messed-up brain can be sorted by bringing in a bit of planning and organisation.

Always on the look out for newer and better ways to keep varied aspects of my life structured, this information of a new app naturally brought a spur of excitement within me. This may sound a bit too extreme, but let me just say that there was a new-found energy bubbling within me.

I remember having watched the above mentioned video around sleep-time and I couldn’t wait to wake up the next day and try out this app. So, what is the big deal about it?

What is Notion?

Notion: The all-in-one workspace for note-taking, planning, organising and managing your work and life.

Before using Notion, I was an ardent user of this other app called Evernote. I still use Evernote for all my blog post drafts, merely as it is easier to share the drafts with my editor(s). (How ironic that I’m typing this blog post on Evernote!😆)
Jokes apart, Evernote has been my holy-grail organisation system for many, many years now. But when I had a look at the features Notion has to offer, I knew it is a much better organisation tool.

It has been around 9 months since I moved to Notion and there is no looking back now.

I am the sort of person who keeps a track of almost every small aspect of her life, either in writing or digitally. Be it studies, work, blog, goals, health and fitness, and other lifestyle habits. I love managing it all and it gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

Before Notion, different aspects of my life were organised in different ways. Some in my physical notebook, some in another app.. It was all over the place. But now, I am so glad to have found a tool which helps me put everything in one place.

It brings me a great sense of joy to see my entire life getting so organised. All due to this beautiful application!

Why Notion?

  1. It is simple and easy to use: It takes a couple of days to understand what the app can do for you. Once you get the hang out of it, you wouldn’t want to stop using it. Its a no-nonsense, gorgeous-looking tool one can easily get addicted to.
  2. Organisation to the highest level: Life can get messy and you may feel that nothing is working out. But usually, it requires just a bit of planning and organisation. When you keep all aspects of your life aligned with your goals in one place, it all starts coming together.
  3. The features: Want to track your habits? Notion is the answer. Want to record your thoughts as they come to you? Notion is the answer. Want to check your progress at work? Notion is the answer. I cannot stop raving about HOW useful it is for just about anything that has to do with your life!
  4. Templates!: The developers at Notion have even created a wonderful collection of ready-to-use templates for different purposes. One click and you get entire workspaces ready for your use within minutes!

How I Use Notion

  1. Learning: I’m preparing for my CA Final examinations. There are a whole lot of subjects to be learned. Notion helps me to have a bird’s eye view of all that needs to be studied and revised. All my notes are organised in one place. It saves me a lot of paper (thus contributing towards eco-friendliness!) and I can access my notes and reading material from any device I log in to. How convenient!
  2. Work: Keeping a track of all the work I’ve got done in terms of the clients handled and projects we completed is honestly, so fulfilling to witness. When I look back at the timeline, it brings in a sense of accomplishment. Nothing better than that.
  3. Blog: Of course, brainstorming ideas for my blog posts and Instagram posts is crucial. I find it extremely useful to dump all the ideas I get in one place. Getting back to the list at a later date helps me in planning my future posts.
  4. Goal-setting & habit tracking: I have created a daily template consisting of my habit tracker and to-do list which I refer to every single day. It brings in a lot of perspective and helps me in tracking how I’m progressing in my goals.
  5. Books and reading: I have a separate notebook within Notion where I save all the interesting articles I find to read later. It is like an inbox just the way we have one for our emails. And when it comes to the books I’m reading, I love highlighting and making notes for future references (a LOT of my blog posts stem from the books I’ve read and loved). This year, I created a “shelf” of sorts with all the books I intend to read by the time the year ends. Once I am done reading, I transfer all my notes and highlights to this app.
This is undoubtedly one of my favourites of my entire Notion set up. It is my “Notes To Live By” page. The most impactful articles are moved to this page along with my key learnings from each.
This is my “2021 Reads” page, having a list of all the books I have read and intend to read during this year

Apart from these major utilities, I use Notion to do monthly check-ins and reviews, put together my vision board (how I want my dream life to look like) and for tracking my health.

This is my Life Dashboard. This has “links” to all the pages I’ve created for important aspects of my life such as my planner, work, blog, and health.
And finally, this is my Vision Board. I collected images and ideas from the internet (specifically Pinterest) which resonated with the image of how I wish my life to look like in future. 

It may seem a bit too exaggerated. However, I am serious when I say Notion changed my life for the better. I find almost all the major aspects of my life coming together beautifully. The sense of satisfaction and pure bliss is simply delightful, to say the least.

I’m hoping to incorporate more aspects of my life into Notion and making it all the more wonderful to use.

“Organisation isn’t about perfection. It’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life” ~ Christina Scalise

Until next time, stay blessed, stay organised and stay healthy!

P.S. This post is NOT sponsored by Notion. It is my genuine appreciation for it and my way for letting the world know what a gem this application is!

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