What Is Comfort?

One of my most favourite people on the internet is Pranita Kocharekar. She is a lovely, talented and wonderful woman. Her posts are something I always look out for because they have something pleasing and new for me to know.

In her latest post (as I write this), she asked a question to all her followers: What really is comfort?

That set me thinking deeply. I decided to write a blog post on what comfort means to me, in the form of a listicle!

What Does Comfort Mean To Me?

Comfort is..

  1. Quiet time early in the mornings where I can focus on my breathing.
  2. A clean and orderly space. A space that is filled with things that I love. Things that make me smile and feel at peace.
  3. My soft home slippers which give my feet the much-needed love.
  4. A warm blanket or a quilt on a chilly day.
  5. My playlist of feel-good music that can cheer me up instantly on any given day.
  6. Wearing loose and faded t-shirts at home. They are the ultimate comfort.
  7. Sprawling on the bed or sofa and getting lost in an interesting book. How time flies!
  8. Sleeping with the realisation that I don’t need to wake up earlier the next day. (The joy of having no alarm is something that cannot be described, isn’t it?)
  9. Mom’s food. Nothing can beat that.
  10. A head massage with homemade, fragrant oil. Pure bliss.
  11. Spending an evening with paints and calligraphy pens, and exploring my creativity.
  12. Having meaningful conversations.
  13. Writing uninterruptedly.
  14. A day-off from my phone.
  15. Long drives with blissful music playing in the background.
  16. Home food after returning from a vacation.
  17. The gentle pattering of rains.
  18. Tending to plants and watching them grow. One of the most beautiful sights.
  19. A glass of freshly-made lemon juice after a long and tiring walk.
  20. A cup of warm tea or coffee any given time (tea/coffee lovers, you’ll know!)
  21. Spending time with my best friends.
  22. Re-watching my favourite TV shows.
  23. Whiling away time doing nothing.

A question for you: What does comfort mean to you?

Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, stay blessed!

4 thoughts on “What Is Comfort?

  1. Hey, very lovely post. Near to my heart. Now next month I am visiting to my mom’ s place. A comfort that always strikes is to eat a yummy and tasty food made by her i.e. a mom’s food as you said. I already had given her a list of food that I want to have. Even she gets the comfort of feeding me.

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  2. Very nice chethana. Apart from all above u feel more comfortable when people around you, your family is happy and healthy.

    Ofcourse what you have mentioned is also true.

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