Never Belittle Your Worth

How often have we caught ourselves in negative self-talk? It seems as if there is an automatic responding machine within us. It is always on the lookout for all that we are doing wrong.

This voice only gets stronger when an external stimulus intensifies these beliefs about us. We find ourselves in a trap of contemptuous remarks directed at us.

It is nothing new to be a target of snide remarks from others. Somewhere deep down, we all know that we do belittle others too. And more so, our own selves. Allowing these comments to undermine our self-esteem is possibly the worst thing we could do.

No matter how much the people in your life know you, the truth is that nobody can know you better than yourself. You know what you are. At times we are made to believe that we are not good enough and there is something that we are not doing right.

We begin to internalise these beliefs. We find that we somehow start to accept what people have to say about us.

If we ever choose to stand up for ourselves and choose self-respect, we are labelled as “conceited.” And very often, those who are vulnerable and sensitive find themselves going on a guilt trip.

But choosing yourself and your self-worth is one of the most wonderful gifts you could give yourself. Each and every person is unique in their own way. Rather than trying to oblige with what others say, embracing your individuality is indeed, a courageous act.

The sad reality is that people will never stop discrediting you. Realise that when people do so, it says more about them than you. This does not mean that you should never accept what people have to say. Being open to receiving good criticism and genuine opinions is what makes us think beyond our limits. It clears the path to understand things better.

But when you feel that certain remarks are simply outrageous and unsettling, remind yourself of what you know is right. This is when you have to choose your self-worth. Never let people sabotage your worth and crush your spirits.

The effect that words have on us is immense. There is beauty in choosing the right words towards others and towards our own selves. When encountered with hurtful remarks from others, remind yourself that you choose how to react to them. What others say is never in our control. But how we take it is definitely on us, and only us.

Until next time, stay blessed.

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