10 Indicators of Good Health

What led you to click on this link?

What makes articles and blog posts clickable? The numbers in the title. This isn’t limited to articles though. We are fascinated with numbers and they succeed in grabbing our attention almost everywhere.

How does a person calculate their “ideal weight?” Through the Body Mass Index (BMI).

How does a person understand whether they are eating healthy? By counting calories.

How does a person choose the perfect dress for them? Going by the size chart.

What’s common in all the above? Numbers.

Whether someone is healthy or not has been measured by way of numbers for such a long time. And not surprisingly, we have grown accustomed to letting our lives be guided by these numbers.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is quite obviously one of the most important aspects of our lives. But there is so much more to health that goes beyond numbers.

Here are a few “measures” of health which has nothing to do with numbers:

  1. The quality of your sleep – Do you fall asleep minutes after your head hits the pillow? Do you feel refreshed and energised the moment you wake up? Do you feel ready to take charge of the day?
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2. Your mood – Do you have varying levels of mood throughout the day? Does it make you feel lethargic, angry, annoyed or nervous? Keeping a balance between varying emotions though difficult, is a mark of a sound mind.

3. Your social life – Introverts would disagree on this, I would too a few years ago. But having a set of friends and family whom you can mingle with and share your thoughts drastically improves how you feel about yourself.

4. Your energy levels – Do you feel focused while working? Do you manage to have a consistent energy level throughout your work day?

5. The content you consume – A lot of people may disagree on this. However, it impacts your mind much more than you think it does. Reading or viewing content that makes you feel good and inspired rather than bring about feelings of negativity or self-doubt will have an unknowingly huge impact.
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6. Good skin and hair – A good lifestyle impacts how your skin and hair feel and look. Who does not like having clear skin and healthy-looking hair? A boost of confidence owing to it is an added bonus!

7. Good memory – Do you remember important dates and events without much struggle? Do you remember your second cousin’s friend’s sister’s birthday? Then you definitely have a killer memory! 😆

8. Exercising makes you feel happy – Do you look forward to your workouts because you enjoy them? Do you feel amazing after completing a workout session?
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9. A strong immune system – Are you prone to seasonal allergies and easily catch infections? Or do you have good immunity towards these pesky flu bugs?

10. Ability to handle stress and keep your composure in tough situations – Health does not limit itself to physical health, it goes beyond that. How you feel mentally and emotionally is just as important.

In short, health is not restricted to the numbers on your weighing scale. Achieving an optimum level of health takes effort. Nothing comes served on a platter. Finding areas in our life that aren’t letting us be our best selves is the starting point. And once we figure it out, we only have to implement changes.

What other measures do you think could add to this? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Until next time,

Stay blessed and stay healthy. ♡

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