30+ Lessons I Would Teach My Younger Self

  1. Never underestimate your capabilities.
  2. Do not compare your progress with somebody else’s.
  3. Celebrate the small achievements and milestones you reach. They matter.
  4. Never be over-confident. Confidence is essential but don’t let it go overboard.
  5. Do things to impress yourself, not for others. Do it because YOU like it.
  6. Your gut instincts are never wrong. Learn to trust them.
  7. The power of compounding is beyond what you think it is. Each day move a step forward and you will reap rich benefits.
  8. You are very much human, so do not beat yourself up for the mistakes that you commit. Learn from them and ensure you do not repeat them.
  9. Drink more water.
  10. Respect everyone equally, but keep yourself at the top of the list.
  11. Learn, learn and learn. Read a lot of books: fiction, and non-fiction alike.
  12. Not every day is the same. There are bound to be ups and downs. Accept it.
  13. Spend more time with people who make you feel good about yourself.
  14. You do not have to prove yourself to everyone. It is okay just to be as long as you are happy.
  15. Do not bottle up your emotions within. Share it with people you trust.
  16. Do not make too many plans. Learn to adapt to changing situations. It is good to know what you want to accomplish but do not let it rule over your life.
  17. Say no to things you do not want to do, no matter how fun it is for others. If you do not enjoy it, don’t do it.
  18. Stand up for yourself. Nobody can demean you unless you let them.
  19. Indulge in junk foods every once in a while and ENJOY them rather than counting the calories.
  20. Respect your boundaries and strictly guard them.
  21. Invest in good quality footwear. Your feet will thank you.
  22. Be comfortable in your own skin.
  23. Accept failures graciously. They are the best teachers.
  24. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Loosen up and let go at times.
  25. Consume content mindfully.
  26. Quality over quantity, always.
  27. Listen to music which you loved as a kid. Relive those days through music.
  28. You are not obligated to complete everything you start.
  29. Get a good night’s sleep.
  30. It’s okay if you don’t like something which everybody seems to like. Your preferences are valid.
  31. You cannot control what others think. Don’t fret over it.
  32. Put your heart and soul into whatever you do. The results will turn out to be great.
  33. There’s a lot to learn from nature. Observe and revel in the beauty that it has to offer.
  34. Learn essential life skills. They will help you become a well-balanced adult.

Do not make too many plans. Learn to adapt to changing situations. It is good to know what you want to accomplish but do not let it rule over your life. #lessons #life

Until next time, stay blessed!

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