A Simple Guide to Eco-Friendly Living

Do you recall studying about global warming and the negative effects of environmental pollution in school? We would think that these will happen many decades later, didn’t we?

Rarely did we anticipate that it would begin to affect our life sooner than we expected. We are living in those times that we dreaded. Every day we see, hear about and experience some form of pollution or environmental hazard.

The unprecedented weather changes, the increasing heat, the unclean air. The signs are all around us. Don’t you think it is high time we learn to be responsible citizens of the Earth?

Most of us think, “What change can I bring? It will not bring any big impact at all! Why bother making the effort?”

There is a saying: “Little drops of water make a mighty ocean.” Our efforts are those little drops and a happier, healthier, cleaner and greener Earth is the mighty ocean.

We need to bring a mindset shift and convince ourselves that small progress is still progress.

Here I bring to you extremely simple and doable actions that can be easily implemented in your life starting today! This is a very small list, to begin with. There are tons of ways in which we can contribute to a better place for us to stay in.

So please do add to this list by dropping your suggestions in the comments below. I could make this into a series of blog posts featuring your ideas as well 💚

Spread the word!

Until next time, stay blessed!

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8 thoughts on “A Simple Guide to Eco-Friendly Living

  1. I definitely love the post and the suggestions. I am also trying to be more careful when I buy new things for example. I make lists and write down what I need or want to buy and then I revisit the list and take out what I don’t want to buy anymore. It helps with finances and it makes buying/shopping more intentional. I also bring my own cloth bags and I try to refuse the little plastic bags that I receive when I buy from small shops. I also inform the shop owners why I refuse the plastic bags, hoping to at least raise some awareness on the issue of using too much plastic. I try to educate myself on what I can improve in my lifestyle so it becomes more responsible, and I actually enjoy making efforts for this place to become better. I really loved this post and I would like more posts like this in the future. Have a great day! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! Yes, that’s a wonderful idea to implement. The first step in controlling what we consume is to be more intentional about it. You are doing a great job trying to educate the shopkeepers about plastic usage. Keep up the great work!
      Will definitely try to write more like this in future. Thanks again. 🙂


  2. Lovely article..much needed for today.Everyone is aware of this but only a few are taking the steps needed.. good writing chetana..

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  3. Love the fact that you address the present problems in your articles so neatly and give simple & easy solutions which everyone can include & make it a habit.. 👌👌👏👏

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  4. Good job Chetana, well said.
    All should apply this rule , then only we can see better nature.
    Some one replied that ‘only few are taking steps are needed’, I am there in that few .
    Thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts.

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