10 Best Outfits You Can Wear

Hello everyone!

Whenever we want to step out of the house, we take care to choose appropriate clothes to wear. To be presentable, neat and groomed is absolutely essential. More than how the world sees us, it has more to do with how we feel about ourselves.

This blog post though isn’t about the quintessential “fashionable” outfits you can wear, unlike what the title suggests.

Read on to know my top 10 “outfits” that I feel are worth “wearing.”

  1. Confidence: To be confident and have faith in our abilities is the best thing we can give to ourselves. In fact, it can be argued that most of the tasks that seem impossible to complete can be done if we are confident to achieve them.
  2. Passion: Each one of us has a purpose in life. Some have figured it out while most are still wondering what theirs could be. But to have a purpose, you need to be passionate about something. This is not to state that we need to follow our passions and forget the rest of the world. Author Brianna Wiest in her book, 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think writes, “A good life isn’t passionate, it’s purposeful. Passion is the spark that lights the fire; the purpose is the kindling that keeps the flame burning all night.”
  3. Patience: This is one of the most underrated “outfits” in our lives. It is sad that most of us do not even possess it as well. The fast-paced lives that we lead have made us extremely impatient and uncomfortable. Ever noticed how plants grow? For the first few weeks after planting the seed, you do not see any change in the pot, despite watering it with great care every single day. But one fine day, a blade of green pops out of the soil. And soon you see the plant growing beautifully. In the same way, we need to learn to be a little more patient and wait for things to happen when they are meant to happen.
  4. Composure: Impatience and agitation go hand in hand. To remain calm and composed in any given situation is definitely a challenge. But it is highly rewarding especially when times are tough. No matter how hard the circumstances are, losing your composure will not make it better in any way, it will rather worsen it.
  5. Empathy: Yet another overlooked aspect. Kindness, compassion and understanding can strengthen relationships and even forge new ones. Before making any judgements or jumping to conclusions, there is no harm in trying to stand in the other person’s shoes and understand what they are feeling or going through. Every person has their share of struggles and worries. And rather than belittling them, if we show just a bit of empathy towards them, we can make stronger and better human connections.
  6. Honesty: Have dishonest acts ever brought any good to a person? Saying the truth, and being honest not just with others but more importantly, with yourself is one of the best ways to show love and respect. Honesty means to be authentic, mature enough to own up to the truth and to live free of any mental blocks. When they said that “honesty is the best policy”, you can be sure they meant it!
  7. Humility: Humility or modesty is another underrated quality. Being humble does not mean that you never acknowledge your achievements. It means celebrating your wins without letting them ride over your ego. It means to climb up the ladder but not forget the ground below your feet.
  8. Courage: So many of our dreams and wishes remain unfulfilled because of the lack of one thing: courage. Often we do not take that step forward because we are scared of the “what-ifs.” Fear is inevitable. No matter what we do and where we go, fear will never vanish. But for the most part, it is only the first step forward that is the toughest and scariest. Once we take that step, we can surprise ourselves with new-found courage and the wonderful ways it can transform our lives.
  9. Authenticity: Being authentic in a world that is full of pretence is what will make you stand out. Owning your imperfections and mess-ups is what makes you, you. Being 100% real and accepting of how you are and who you are is the best gift you can give yourself.
  10. Self-Respect: I saved this one for the last because this is my favourite outfit of all. True that we should respect everybody. But what is more necessary is to give the same level of respect to ourselves. Choosing yourself, standing strong in your decisions, being kinder to yourself, owning your mistakes and learning from them without being harsh on yourself. That’s self-respect.

And that’s my list of the best outfits you can choose to wear! Like how we choose clothes with a lot of thought, why not do the same for the values we want to uphold in our lives? Maybe you will not find the perfect one and it might take time to get the best one out there. But once you find those values that define your life, hold on to them. Wear them with pride and flaunt them. Rest assured, you’ll be a much better version of yourself.

What are your favourite outfits? Do you have more to add to the list above? Let me know in the comments!
Until next time, stay blessed!

7 thoughts on “10 Best Outfits You Can Wear

  1. Best and excellent blog post.
    Loved it a lot lot.
    External outfits makes a person look beautiful from outside.
    All these outfits you have mentioned makes a person the most beautiful 🤩🤩and wonderful person from inside. Great work … highly appreciate your blog post 👏👏👏

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  2. Best outfit ever.. only by inculcating all these, the personality becomes complete and one radiates with abundant positivity..

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