Climate Change is Real

Hello readers!

The recent heatwave throughout the country has made it hard for us to go about our everyday lives at ease. The alarming rate at which the country is getting warmer and warmer, each passing day is shocking, to say the least.

This wasn’t the case until a decade ago, was it? What happened, then?

Climate change happened.

It is all over the news and social media. We read a couple of posts about it, maybe feel sad for a few moments and then get on with our daily routines.

We listen to news about how the Earth is getting warmer each passing day, and how the glaciers are melting rapidly. We listen to news about how many species of flora and fauna are going extinct. And yet, we cannot do anything about it.

If we look around, we can see visible signs of deterioration.

The air in major metropolitan cities has turned toxic.

Unheard-of illnesses and diseases are springing up.

Trees are becoming sparse in most cities and towns.

Water shortages are very common in many areas.

The very thought of how worse the situation will be for the next generations sends shivers down my spine.

During our school days, we were taught about deforestation and global warming that could happen in the distant future if we do not take preventive actions soon.

Reality check. We ARE in the distant future NOW.

Our mentality is such that even though we know that there is something that needs to be done about this calamity that has befallen us, we think “koi na koi toh kar lega.”

NO. No one else, but we have to take the first step forward in addressing the issue. No matter how small, seemingly insignificant it may look.

How can we do our bit in fighting this climate crisis rampant across the world?

One way is to change the way we use transportation. Going somewhere very near to your place of residence? Walk the distance. Going farther? Use public transport as much as you can.

Plant more trees! The more we can get our surroundings to look greener the better our situation will become.

Reduce your carbon footprint. Save electricity, and use energy-efficient lighting in your homes.

And most importantly, spread awareness about the seriousness of this grave situation we all are in.

It is the responsibility of each one of us to do our bit, no matter how big or small our actions are.

United we stand, after all.

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