The Ego Has To Go: Why Transcending It Is Key To Living A Fulfilled Life

We require a good deal of confidence to meet our goals and fulfil our ambitions. Confidence is great indeed. To be confident means to have trust in our abilities.

However, there is a thin line that separates confidence and ego. And once we cross that line, the sense of self-importance creeps up.

When ego makes its way into our minds, we start believing that we are the best at everything and that what we say is the absolute truth. When we start putting others down and demeaning their efforts and opinions, that is when we know we’ve crossed the line.

Recently I read about someone who had achieved something commendable in his life. Of course, it would be inspiring and motivate others to work on their goals.

But what happened next was that this seemingly confident person started putting down everybody else for not striving to achieve what he did, and even went to the extent of bad-mouthing his older self for being a good-for-nothing.

What’s more, he even started abusing people who gently tried to point out what he was doing wrong.

And that is such a classic example of when ego overrides your confidence.

While the ego is important in certain situations, it should not go to the extent that it makes a person too self-obsessed and makes him/her resort to developing a superiority complex.

Not just that, extreme ego issues can make a person fail to see reality, because to them, what they perceive is the truth, the ultimate truth.

If we strive to set aside our egos, we can see the world through a wider angle and understand different perspectives and views people around us, have.

To achieve incredible things and become successful is beyond amazing, for sure. But real success is only when we accept the fact that we cannot be right every time.

Every single person is entitled to express their opinions and views. And of course, we may or may not agree with what they say. But it never gives us the liberty to be mean to them, right?

If we say we know 100 things, there are millions of things that we don’t know. And to accept this fact gracefully is a mark of a wonderful human being. Humility is an underrated personality trait that comes to very few.

Rightly said by Mahatma Gandhi, “When the ego dies, the soul awakes.”

Until next time, stay blessed.

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