The Chronicles of A Stationery Addict

Every person has an addiction. Some are expensive, some are inexpensive. I belong to the latter category. While people go around hunting for the best phone, or that expensive perfume, or that leather clutch from Gucci, I am the one walking around in search of the perfect stationery to add to my collection of countless… Continue reading The Chronicles of A Stationery Addict

An Excerpt from the Diary of Every Girl/Woman

An excerpt from the diary of every girl and every woman: “They taught me to fear the dark. They forgot to mention what happens in the light. Ever since I was a child, mother and father have warned me not to venture out in the dark, as they feared that people may take advantage of… Continue reading An Excerpt from the Diary of Every Girl/Woman

The Stereotypical Life of An Indian

Now this is something we cannot deny. As Indians, we have been a victim of one or the other stereotype, agree? India has always been a land of mixed cultures and customs. With these come a humongous amount of stereotypes, bag and baggage. There are religious stereotypes, mental, intellectual, and physical stereotypes. Every person might… Continue reading The Stereotypical Life of An Indian

Simple Joys

Hello readers! Haven't we all, at some point of time, pined for a new wardrobe, the latest phone in the market, the most happening trends? Of course, we have. Any normal human being will do that. I too have. But in trying to grab the most out of the materialistic things, people have forgotten to… Continue reading Simple Joys

Writing: My Passion

Hello readers! Here I am, with my very first blog post. The excitement I am feeling as I write this is inexplicable.. While brainstorming ideas for my first blog post, I was in a fix. I had absolutely no idea about what it should be. And when I almost fell asleep it struck me. Why… Continue reading Writing: My Passion