Bibliophilia Is Dying

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Once, there was a time when smartphones and tablets weren’t the source of information and entertainment. Books were. Books. Good old-fashioned paperbacks and hardcovers which opened your minds to a world of enriching knowledge. People somehow never quenched their thirst for books. Books overflowed from shelves to random furniture around the house. Just as a person’s status is measured by the number of gadgets he owns, he would be considered rich in proportion to the number of books he owned. 

Sadly though, the picture now, isn’t as rosy as it was during the olden days. How often would you find children take an inclination towards reading voraciously? Hardly a few. Children nowadays take to operating gadgets and learning new technology within a short span of time. Not a peculiar sight it is, to find a 6-month old familiarising with the “touchscreen” gadgets. Parents too seem to be proud at the child’s “feat.” While encouraging children to explore, parents do not try to inculcate the habits of reading among children. Astonishing but even 14-year-olds merrily proclaim that they haven’t read a book for joy or out of curiosity. 

As the number of libraries are dwindling, the concept of reading books as a hobby is going downhill. Children find social networking sites, television shows, and the internet more interesting than opening a tome, written by a person hundreds of years ago. Well, this may be the reason for kids not knowing a lot of things they actually should. 

The world is evolving at a fast pace. While more gadget freaks are coming up, readers are going down by huge numbers. 

Bibliophilia is dying. 

6 thoughts on “Bibliophilia Is Dying

  1. True.Reading is a habit to be cultivated.
    I find kids today are fast be it operating gadgets or reading and understanding from the book…..Lot has evolved and the pace at which things are changing its leaving us,the parents to be abreast with changing environment.
    Change is always better.
    Always keep abreast with the change without forgetting our roots,our culture,our friends,our guides,our parents……
    Nothing will give a parent more pleasure other than seeing their kids grow smartly,swiftly….
    Books are here to stay….
    Paperbacks will be there…
    Do not forget the newspaper…..
    Most of us need it…..don’t we…
    For the games,Sudoku,cartoons,sports,cinema timings,local news etc….

    For me bottom-line is that print will stay…..


  2. Very true.As a kid, let have always loved reading, but today I find that most of the kids, including Suresh are not at all keen on reading.I am always asking him to inculcate the habit of reading but it falls to deaf ears, which is very sad.Now the kids are more keen on watching TV and doing computers, which really is very sad.


  3. Very true. That’s the reason why my children do not have access to smartphones and tablets. Toys and dolls are bought only as a present during their birthdays but they are allowed to buy any number of books that they want (depending on the budget) when we go to the book store. People are surprised when they see our kids reading a book during train journeys while other children are busy pestering their parents for phone. I believe that to cultivate the habit of reading in children, parents themselves should try to read books.


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