Supermom and Her Super Powers

When a kid is asked who is his/her role model, the reply is quite instantaneous. Mother. Every child adores his/her mother. However, somewhere in between the transition from a child to an adult, we tend to find “famous” role models for our self.

If anyone asks me who my role model is, I still answer “mother.” Apart from the normal “motherly qualities”, I look up to her for certain invaluable lessons she teaches me, every time I feel stressed out.

My mother has this policy of treating every person equally. Not just family and friends. Even people who provide services to the community. Be it the person who delivers milk in the morning, the person behind the counter at grocery stores, and even our house help. I have seldom seen her treating people differently. She always keeps reminding me to “give respect and take respect”. The phrase is her guide to live a contented life.

Mothers are supposed to be super humans who never have the word “tired” in their dictionaries. Mine isn’t any different. She has the capacity to work tirelessly from day to night (literally!). It always astonishes me as to how a person can be SO hardworking. At the same time I feel ashamed of myself for not being that active and energetic. My mother believes in completing any kind of work which she has started.

Another amazing quality my mother has is befriending people, irrespective of their age. She keeps telling me that she has friends right from a 5-year-old to even 80-year-olds. There’s something charming about her personality that makes her so likeable. I, being an introvert, usually lag behind in forging lasting relationships with the people I meet. Nonetheless, I am totally in awe of her.

Last but definitely not the least, my mother lives her life with childlike glee. As she puts it, her “dil toh baccha hai jee.” She knows when to be serious, and when not to be. Most of the time she manages to lighten any tense situation. That is what a person should be like. It’s hard to be calm in any complicated instance. And mother dearest has mastered the art.


True that I aim to do great things later on in life. But if I have to benchmark my goals, it would be the day I manage to be like my mother. Fame and money can be earned, being a good human being is what matters the most. For me the equation is this-

Great Human Being = My Mother.

If I manage to replicate her, I would consider that to be the biggest success of my life.

10 thoughts on “Supermom and Her Super Powers

  1. 😍😍Vry well said.. even my mother is my superwoman😍 just like you said… i adore her and well written chets😘


  2. Wow! This is one among your most beautiful posts! Your mother is a great personality. And true what you say about her befriending people. I look forward to meeting her whenever I plan on meeting you. Very well written


  3. For every child their mother is a role model. When i see those who dont have mother in their life i feel so bad. We are so lucky . Well written cheths😊


  4. Very well written Chinnu. Yes, undoubtedly mother is the most loved & admired person by her children. Each mother is unique in her own way, always praying for the welfare of her children. Her love is unconditional & evergreen. I always feel that the word Love has infinite dimensions & meaning & different mothers express their love in different ways, the meaning being the same. There is nothing like – a rich
    mother’s love is better than a mother who is not so rich. The love of all mothers to their children is the same, ie; one of sacrifice & selflessness. Description of mothers is very difficult to pen down in a few words .
    What we write ( maybe pages ) is no match for what they do silently, without expectations .Just impossible to write everything what a mother does silently. Somethings are better understood than putting in words or by talking & this is true in case of mothers. What you wrote about your mother is 100 % true ‘. Yes she has certain qualities worth emulating.You can undoubtedly follow her footsteps & be good human being along with accomplishing your set goals. Gold bless you in all your endeavors. You have a very good sense of observation & analytical thinking. Keep it up. All the best. 😊

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  5. Chinnu very well written. What u wrote about super moms in general applies to most mothers, but some special qualities of your mother are really something great. She loves, respects everybody and as rightly said she can be a good freind for 5 yr child to 80 yr also. She is a good human being. Just walk on her footsteps. God bless

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