A World Without Phones

Which device are you using to read this blog post? The majority of you will say, “My phone.”

Our use of smartphones has become such an integral part of our lives now. We cannot even imagine surviving a day without our phones in hand.

What initially started as a medium to call or message people anywhere and at any time, has now evolved to become almost a lifeline for us.

And rightly so! Our phones are like our assistants, always reachable and willing to assist.

But what if we had no access to phones? Would life be different today?

We would wake up to an old-fashioned alarm clock and not the alarm tones on our phone. Rather than scrolling through the notifications, we would instead choose to spend a little while simply being there, snuggling under our blankets.

We would have had to open our physical notebooks or calendars to know our schedule for the day. Emails would wait until we powered up our computers or laptops.

We always had to have small change in our wallets to make payments for groceries and medicines.

There would be no barrage of information breathing down our neck.

Communicating with our friends and family wouldn’t be instant. And if we had to have a heart-to-heart chat with someone, we would meet them in person and talk to our heart’s content.

Board games would be a way to bond with our loved ones.

Our life would not be revolving around the likes and follows we received on social media.

We would not have blue lights glaring on our faces as we scrolled our way to sleep at night.

Indeed, life without phones seems like something we cannot even imagine now.

As much as there are downsides, we cannot ignore the fact that phones have made our life better in ways we did not think. Contacting anybody is not an issue at all. We can keep in constant touch with our peers.

We no longer have to wait for music albums and CDs to release, to tune into the latest music. Apps on our phones will give us that access the moment the music release happens.

We just have to link our bank accounts to the cashless payment apps, scan a QR Code and make payments in seconds.

We can capture beautiful moments within a second on our phones and preserve them in our hearts forever.

We can talk to people who stay far away. Not just talk, we can see them in real-time.

We do not have to panic about finding a new place. The maps on our phones will lead us to the destination.

There are both positives and negatives to cell phones. At the beginning of the blog post, I wrote that phones are like our assistants. So shouldn’t we let them be just that and not our masters? You wouldn’t want to be a slave, would you?

What matters is the balance we can create. And maybe we could learn to let go of our phones every once in a while?

Try going for a walk and leaving your phone behind at home. Feels good! 😄

Until next time, stay blessed!

6 thoughts on “A World Without Phones

  1. Such a pity that we’ve allowed a gadget to take over our lives completely. We can’t imagine life without it. It has its benefits, yes, but the disadvantages far outweigh those.
    We lived a perfectly normal and happy life before the phones came along, so it’s not as if it’s indispensable. We’re the ones who have made it so.

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